Living in the city is no joke, the hustle and bustle, the constant traffic jams, people in a hurry trying to get to the tube or to the office. It can be quite overwhelming, and easy to get caught up in with constant exposure to such a busy lifestyle. If you manage to somehow stay calm during the whole thing, then good on you, you are much better at managing yourself than the large majority of the population. However, if you are not, then welcome to the other side, where the rest of society is. Stress is a silent killer, that is more common than any other in the world. Bad health or wellbeing is often a result of living a stressful lifestyle. Be it from work, family, friends or even your favorite football team in the cup, you should really try and tone down the stress levels of everyday life. Now while it may not be easy, introducing gradual changes into everyday routine and do things to combat stress on regular basis.


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City Breaks

Urbanization is associated with higher rates of depression, while this may come as a shock to some, it is probably expected by most. Modern life tends to fling stress your way from every angle imaginable, that stress is nowhere near as prominent as life in the countryside. Not that you should abandon everything and just head off to the country, leaving your job and family unattended. You should keep in mind that holidays are as much of a pleasant bonus, as they are necessary to keep a healthy outlook on life. Now while holidays are usually seen as city escapes when you can forget everything, sometimes all you need is a change of surroundings to shine a light on your existing issues rather than just temporarily ignoring your problems. Despite all this, scientists have not actually proven that urban life itself causes stress, despite just about everyone assuming it does, and its direct correlations to chronic anxiety. Oh those scientists.


Maybe it’s not the city?

If you do not feel particularly stressed from everyday life, due to a nice working atmosphere and good family relations, then you must consider yourself lucky. But sadly, life is probably still nowhere near perfect. Poor health and overall wellbeing is often connected with a poor diet as well as just stress, so if it isn’t one, it’s probably the other. While this may not be directly related to city life, as we all know, the quality of food in the city can often be somewhat questionable. If you want to get yourself fixed up, going to the doctor to run some general tests might be an excellent starting point. Blood tests often show up deficiencies in our organisms, which prove to be a great guideline to show how you could improve your diet. Keep in mind that this does not mean you have to replace your current diet, you might just need to improve on your existing one. For example, if you find out that your bone density is lacking, a good thing to do would be to introduce more boron-rich foods into your diet. If you find out that you might be anemic, and suffering from a low count of red blood cells, eating more iron-rich foods is going to help you. Dietary improvement is a great way to get you back on your feet, or even as a preventive measure. It is much less drastic and stressful than just going straight to the operating table, also saving you time sitting at the doctors.


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