Delicious Sweet Treats without the Guilt!  #friendlyscoffee
To say I’m a coffee lover is an under statement!  I get up at 5am every morning and as soon as my teeth are brushed I grab a cup of coffee.  I drink it throughout the day, and actually up until I go to bed at 11:30pm.   I just love the warm comforting feeling, and it tastes so good too!  Even if it’s 100 degrees outside you’ll find me drinking a cup of coffee.  My husband thinks I’m crazy, but my gram doesn’t because she does the same thing, so at least I know where I get it from!  I recently tried Friendly’s Ice Cream Flavored k-cups and I’m one happy camper because you get the subtle ice cream flavors without all the guilt!  

Delicious Sweet Treats without the Guilt!  #friendlyscoffee
They came in an adorable box which I immediately opened up to find Butterscotch Swirl, Mint Chocolate Chip, Vienna Mocha Chunk, and Chocolate Marshmallow Swirl.  I tried all of them and they all have a subtle flavor that’s not bitter or overpowering.  Now I like the subtle touch of flavor, however you can brew a smaller size to get a stronger flavor.  Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed!  The Butterscotch Swirl is rich and buttery, the Mint Chocolate Chip has a hint of mint and a hint of chocolate that go together perfectly, the Vienna Mocha Chunk is full of bold chocolate flavors, and the Chocolate Marshmallow is like having a warm chocolate covered marshmallow in your coffee!
Delicious Sweet Treats without the Guilt!  #friendlyscoffee
How would you like to try some of these scrumptious ice-cream flavored coffee k-cups?  Now you can…just enter the giveaway below 🙂

note: This is a sponsored post and I was provided with a variety pack
of coffee, however the opinions expressed are my own.